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Od20150914_170558d how one experiences “caregiver” issues even when so far separated.

It’s like leading two lives. I pay more attention to the activity calendars at Sunnybrook Veterans’ Centre than the activity calendar here, at Sunrise Terrace.
I take better care of William’s finances than my own.
I focus on planning the next trip to Toronto to for a visit and to touch base with his family and the caregivers at Sunnybrook.
William was a special gift in my life.  For the first seven years we shared everything from travel to day-to-day domesticities and health issues.
Then came Congestive Heart Failure and a pacemaker and a regimen of medications.
Later a move from our sunshine filled apartment in Orillia to  “suite” in an Assisted Living Residence (The Villa)
And, finally, due to some uncontrolled behaviours, William moved to Sunnybrook Veterans’ Centre in Toronto; I closed down the rooms at the Villa and brought Molly Katt home to live with me, as I promised.
One 10-day visit each year is made possible by the hospitality of  the Convent of the Anglican Sisterhood of Saint John the Divine (rooms are offered for retreats and for family of hospital patients at a low cost; and guests are welcome to join the community in meal time).   I was able to visit in September, 2016, by driving the RV across Country with Molly Katt.   I parked the RV for a month in an Ontario Conservation Campground on the east side of Toronto.  I rented a sweet Hyundai and visited almost daily; I was able to give William’s “companion” a few days off.  Molly Katt and I visited William at the Veterans Centre so he could hold her again.  And I re-connected briefly with family and friends.

Getting to the Point:

Out of our mutual love I made commitments which I can no longer keep.
It’s time to turn the financial responsibilities over to William’s daughter.

I need to focus on meeting my own responsibilities for as long as I am able.

I need to remain stable in my home, not gypsying around the country.  It is a huge relief to reach these conclusions.  I don’t have too plan another trip soon, and that is a blessing.