I am a grateful member of Al-Anon, and every Wednesday morning finds me with my local group.  Keeping me sane; helping me grow up.

I now belong to the “brick and mortar” Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in San Luis Obispo, and enjoy the thought provoking Sunday services and getting to know other members.

Other activities this month have been the First Saturday breakfast at the clubhouse, the First Friday Red Hat Ladies of Sunrise Terrace lunch at a local restaurant; and possibly an evening of Bingo (also at the clubhouse).  For many reasons I need to walk and spend about an hour a day doing stretching exercises (for my spine  – bottom and top), but each day for the last year I have said to myself, “when I finish  this  and that”  But I never finish.  My Psychologist, (who prescribes and manages my anti-anxiety/anti-depression meds)  asked me if I were a “perfectionist”.   I said, “no”, because if I were a perfectionist my home would be in a very different state.  I have since learned that perfectionist traits come in various sizes, and the ones resulting from anxiety perfectly match my lifeways.  More on that another time.

I find that daily tasks, including shopping, cooking, KP, walking and feeding Molly Katt.
(not to mention the outside cat, and the various feathered creatures), takes me most of a given day.  20181208_102937

With the help of my neighbor who also comes 2 hours a week to clean house and a couple of hours a month to garden (like pruning my Pygmy Date Palms), a strand of blue  Christmas lights are up on my front porch, and a living non-tree is lit up at the bottom of the railing.  My to-do list includes adding another strand and preparing to send cards tomorrow.

The most important activity this month will be RV’ing to Chico to spend the holidays with my family.  This is a postponement from Thanksgiving; the tragic “camp fire” made that visit impossible.  The new trip plan required re-scheduling my 27 December primary care doctor appointment.. the earliest is 20 February.  Ouch!

My PleasureWay RV ~ "Destiny"
2018_April visiting a friend in northern California

Packing the RV for travel has become difficult.. but I will start slowly.  Molly Katt will accompany me, and since Chico is so crowded right now, I will park in the driveway with electricity (heat) and go inside for the “necessary” facilities.

Health issues:  I am experiencing shortness of breath more often.  Pulmonary Function test results will be a discussion point with my doctor.  That test may be followed by some kind of Heart function test.  Medical care takes a long time here.

I have a serious “GERD” problem, so have discontinued baby aspirin; I will have to switch to some other anticoagulant to avoid another embolism event, and I have discontinued the medication to prevent further bone degeneration.  I know other options are available, but, again, I need to see my doctor.  Diet and weight loss are the most important solutions to GERD.  I had chocolate yesterday and today.  STOP THAT!

And, of course, the spine problems will only get worse; but for now I can live and enjoy life.  And, my neurosurgeon says, if there are not complications, “come back next year.”  How’s that for good news?

Long term goal:  Continue to downsize so that I can fit in an Independent Living facility.






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